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Welcome to The Little Garden. We present classes in many formats to help with your study of A Course in Miracles. Our goal is to inspire students of A Course in Miracles to read and study the Course for themselves, and to practice it as written.

Below, please enter one key word or one phrase (up to 84 characters) to find only paragraphs where highlighted search terms occur.

Search results are case and suffix sensitive-- i.e. father yields father not Father, fathers, or fatherhood etc. etc.

If, for example, you entered creation and you do not find what you are looking for, then try creations or some other suffix and or prefix. The point is, exactly what you enter is what you get, which is helpful for phrases and other areas where being exact is important to finding what you want.
In your search results, at the top left corner of each result, a common convention for Course citations is used. The first symbol indicates which book is being mentioned , where "T"- is for Text, "W-" is for the Workbook, and "M-" is for Manual. In the Text the next number is a chapter number; "T-1.1" is Text, chapter one, section one, "M-1 is Manual, section one, and so on. In the Workbook the next number is the Lesson number so, W-1, is Workbook Lesson one. In all three books the next two numbers, separated by periods, are the paragraph number and sentence number, respectively. W-1.1.1. then, would be Workbook Lesson one, paragraph one, and sentence one.

If you want to find paragraphs where two different highlighted key words both occur and only where they occur, search below. NOTE: For this type of search, two key words are required or an error message will occur.
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